Safety Features of Windows

Safety Features of Windows

Windows are a critical part of the home, and when it comes to finding the right window a lot can come down to the safety features you have. From the glass to the hardware you use on your windows, there are many ways to improve the safety of your home through your window choices. At our center, we have local window glass experts who are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you select the best window safety features for your home.

Reinforced Glass

imagesThere are several ways of making reinforced glass windows and the key is beginning with secure materials. The first is with tempered glass that has been specially heated and treated during production to increase durability and impact resistance. Laminated glass, which is also commonly referred to as safety glass, is another excellent choice for home windows and is very commonly used. To break through reinforced glass, a would-be-burglar would need to make several high impact strikes to the same spot in order to break the glass, thus making a lot of noise and drawing more attention to themselves. It’s one of the best window safety features that you can have.

Coated Windows

Window safety features to prevent break ins

Acrylic plastic windows commonly go by the name of Plexiglas Windows in most markets and are becoming very popular for home window safety.  While they are the same thickness most basic window glass, they have the added benefit of being more than 10 times as strong! These types of windows are of course more expensive due to the added treatment and processes involved in making them, but they are very secure and offer up to 250 times the impact resistance of a normal glass window. They are even more resistant than reinforced glass and their added coating layers provided added safety so that broken glass is held together rather than sent flying everywhere in the event breaking does occur. Many local window glass experts recommend some sort of coating or reinforcement for home windows in all situations in order to protect your home, family, and possessions from damage or theft.

Window Bars

window barsIron bars placed over the windows is one of the most effective safety measures for protecting your home from a break in. In the event a thief can break the windows they will be unable to squeeze through the bars and cannot afford the time to try and break or cut through them. Many people, however, are resistant to the idea of window bars, however, and this is easy to understand from an aesthetic view. Many homomers worry that bars on the windows will make their house look and feel more like a prison than a home. Fortunately, there are many decorative options available that make barred windows look and feel like a natural part of the home construction or décor.

Window Alarms and Locks

windowalarmThere are many different types of window alarms that you can choose from and there are many different options for window locks also available on the market today. The most common type of window alarm is a simple window sensor alarm that will go off if the window is forced open, shaken by an impact, or the glass gets broken. Deadbolts and other types of window locks are common choices but another option is a locking system that is visible from the outside and shows a would-be-burglar that you mean business. A window pin lock may seem overly simple but it is an affordable yet highly effective locking system that is a good deterrent against break ins. Locks and alarms are two of the best window safety features that you can add to any window in your home to improve safety and security.

Learn More About Window Safety Features

If you need help finding the right windows, glass type, or window safety features for your home, call us today. Our local window glass experts are ready to answer your questions and help you make the choice that is best for your home and your family. Don’t risk your home’s security and don’t put your family at risk!  Call us today!

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