Considerations for Wood Siding Panels

Considerations for Wood Siding Panels

Many homeowners are making the choice to go with wood siding panels for the exterior of the home. This is a great choice for many reasons and there a few key things to consider when looking for locally sourced wood siding:

wood sidingGrain Patterns

Wood is popular because of all the many patterns wood grain can come in. Many people find it attractive and it can be a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home. Wood siding panels make a great investment into the future sale value of your home.


Just like the grain patterns you can find, wood comes in all shades and colors. From deep browns to pale tans to orange, red, and even gray. Natural wood is attractive, beautiful, elegant, and very easy on the eyes. Locally sourced wood siding can be found in any color you desire.


One of the benefits of using wood siding for your home is it is naturally strong. While some wood is harder than other it is generally very resistant to wear and tear and hold up to the passing of the years. It doesn’t warp or peel like vinyl and it won’t corrode like metal.


Many people like the look of wood but they also enough the rougher texture. Wood feels natural and brings a certain rugged charm and feel to a home. If this is what you are searching for when looking for locally sourced wood siding then look for rough-hewn wood siding panels.

wood siding panelsSealants

While some homeowners look at wood siding as a choice because it is rough and rugged and natural, others want these qualities with a more tailored look to it. This can be achieved with sealants that help add further protection, minimize roughness, and enhance color and appearances.

If you are considering wood siding panels for your home, we are here to help. Whether you are looking at locally sourced wood siding or something more exotic, we can help you find what you are looking for. Call us today to get started and let our team show you the options that are available to you!


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