Homeowners are making the switch from Vinyl Windows to Composite Windows

Homeowners are making the switch from Vinyl Windows to Composite Windows


Unlike other window companies, THV Compozit windows are custom-made to both size and preferred style, allowing individuals to mix and match frame colors to compliment both the exterior and interior of one’s home. This quality truly sets THV apart from the rest. THV Compozit has a fifty year, non-prorated warrantee that can even be transferred to the next owner of the home if sold, showcasing their confidence in their product. THV windows are 214% better at insulating than the traditional vinyl windows and are 62% better than traditional wooden windows. These numbers will prove themselves in the energy saved in utility bills for the home, leaving more money in your pocket. Wooden and vinyl windows don’t stand a chance against the elements, which is something THV Compozit windows offer.

There are a variety of window types including Bay and Bow, double hung, casement and sliding windows. Even though the double hung windows have been an extremely popular choice over the years, their construction and quality has greatly evolved over the course of time, allowing for efficiency in energy saving. This provides a happy marriage between quality, aesthetics and efficiency.

Easy to both open and clean, the windows prove painless in maintaining a superior appearance for longer. Older traditional windows can be difficult when it comes to accessibility for opening and closing, however THV Compozit windows do so with ease, and immensely so with the sliding variety. In addition, the windows are excellent at heat resistance and durability.  THV’s high line product, combined with quality installation and consistently on point customer service genuinely sets them above the rest when it comes to new window installation. Their consistency is the reason it is the number one choice for Siding 1 Windows 1 Exteriors.

Quality is key from the start, and who wants to pay big money for repair work on a brand new product? THV eliminates the issue of needing to patch and paint gaps from an improper fit, something not guaranteed with all brands’ products. These gaps can not only allow for the escape of heat and air conditioning, but can create a possible entrance for insects which can cause tremendous damage to your home.This company’s frame design exceeds the AAMA performance standards, providing both dimensional stability and impact resistance that one could only dream of when contemplating investing in new windows. New windows not only improve the value and appearance of your home, but can further demonstrate a return on a home owner’s investment.

But what about screen options? THV offers TRUCLEAR, a revolutionary product allowing for clearer views with the protection of highly crafted screens. THV Compozit windows eliminate the possibility of wood rotting, chipping, warping, or peeling. As an added bonus, they are also resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and insects, all of which can greatly shorten the life and appearance of one’s home and windows. THV Compozit windows and their TRUCLEAR screens are a dream come true, leading them to be the number one choice for Siding 1 Windows 1 Exteriors.

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