James Hardie | A World Leader in Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie | A World Leader in Fiber Cement Siding


James Hardie, a revolutionary 30-year-old heavyweight of the home siding industry, is the innovator responsible for creating fiber cement product, which forever changed the standard of home building products. James Hardie, a business emplying over 2500 people around the world, focus strictly on fiber cement siding, allowing them to perfect their craft and design.

Their design and development has been backed by hundreds of millions of dollars invested in research for their product, resulting in a substantial and forward thinking line of products that suit each home owner’s individual preferences, both retaining quality while emphasizing the possibilities of design.

There is no comparison for both the craftsmanship and abilities for their siding, especially when juxtaposed with vinyl or wood options, which is one of the key reasons that Siding 1 Window 1 Exteriors chooses their product time and again. For the same reasons, the siding has been installed on over 5.5 million homes! The fiber cement siding will neither combust, warp, shrink nor rot, and in addition is resistant to the elements. This is especially crucial in a region where the only consistency in weather is change and uncertainty. With fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, nothing is more important than a product that is reliable in a diverse range of conditions and is impervious to Mother Nature’s most daunting challenges.

James Hardie gives the homeowner a classic, more price efficient alternative to traditional wooden siding, without skimping on quality. During a time of financial pressure, some of the burden can be relieved. A highly durable and authentic looking product, James Hardie preserves the look and feel of natural wood-grain. They also have a wide range and selection of colors to choose from along with a variety of styles of the material. Their ColorPlus® technology allows for an a beautiful coat that resists chipping, weathering and even fading caused by the sun. As an added bonus, the material is protected from attack by insects and animals, which can be destructive and costly to repair. In the unfortunate event of a fire at your residence, which however horrific to think about is a possibility, most standard siding would burn or melt. James Hardie fiber cement siding is not in the majority, and will withstand such dire conditions, which in turn, should be a comfort to homeowners, both for safety and cost-related reasons. Home ownership can indeed become an extremely expensive and time-consuming investment, sometimes draining resources, both monetary and mental, than ever thought possible. The ability of the fiber cement product to maintain both its shape and appearance over time will save the owner undo stress in repair and repeat exterior work, allowing people to enjoy their investment. Experts and publications agree that James Hardie is a leader in the building industry and is beloved by customers because of their unwavering commitment to quality of their product, and their flexibility in design opportunities.

For these reasons and many more, Illinois Green Construction is proud to stand behind James Hardie for all of your home siding needs.

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